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Seamless aluminum gutters are among the most common gutter products used today. But what are some of the advantages of using aluminum gutters?

First of all, good quality aluminum gutters never rust! They can be used with plastic, wood, brick, stone and other fascia systems. This means that no matter what materials your home was built with, aluminum gutters can be installed. They do not have to be painted, even if you live in a place with harsh or extreme weather conditions.

Here are some of the advantages of using aluminum gutters:

Aluminum is much less expensive
They are easy to cut and mold
They come in a wide variety of colors
Can last up to 30 years



Seamless aluminum gutters are cut from one long piece of aluminum, rather than attaching smaller sections of gutters together. Since there are no seams, there are no leaks.

“K-Style”, or Ogee gutters and corrugated aluminum downspouts are the most popular and cost effective products to control water around a home or business. Gutter sizes include 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” and ½ round gutters. Downspout sizes include 2” x 3”, 3” x 4”, and 4” x 5” and round downspouts are available. Each miter (90 degree turn) is hand cut, we do not use strip miters or box miters unless requested by the customer. Hand cut miters help limit the potential for leaks.



On the day of the application, an installation crew will arrive at your home or business in what is essentially a mobile workshop. All Scott-Lee Guttering trucks are equipped with gutter machines which enables our installers to run the gutters onsite. Not only does this limit possible damage during transport, but it also ensures exact measurements on each piece. After the old gutters have been removed, the installers will begin measuring the structure in order to draw and document the precise lengths and angles for the guttering and downspouts.

After the project is drawn and measured, the men begin crafting the pieces meticulously. This process begins by running the coil through the gutter machine to form the pieces precisely to the measurements taken earlier. As the gutter runs out of the machine, an installer places hangers every two feet. The machine provides an exact forming capability to ensure each cut is uniform in shape. Often times, there are 90 degree or 45 degree angles in the roofline, called miters. This requires the gutters to be cut at those angles as well. Scott-Lee Guttering installers hand cut every miter. We do not use box miters or strip miters which are unsightly and more prone to leaks. The downspouts and elbows are then hand cut and connected at the proper lengths so that the bottom of the downspouts meet the ground grade or connect to a drain.

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Once all of the pieces are fabricated, the application process begins. The installers will begin hanging the gutter either from the roof or from ladders depending on the pitch of the roof. The installers hang each piece of gutter using a level. This verifies that the gutter is pitched properly toward the downspouts. 1 1/2 inch screws are used on nearly every gutter application. Following the gutter installation, the downspouts are connected to the outlet tubes and secured to the structure with straps.

Upon completion of the job, the crew will walk the job site to confirm that the gutters and downspouts are installed properly and any debris or waste is picked up and hauled away.

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